IISI - Telemetry
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IISI - Telemetry

The Iisi system is a model data telemtry system for controlling model specific parametres like current, voltage, capacity, temperature etc. Iisi is independent from radio brand or system and works independend from that. A data telemetry system in electric helicopters is especially for giving exact informations about the used battery capacity, for example in photo helicopters, scale hellicopters or peaceful flown machines where it is difficult to check the battery voltage with giving pitch. But also in 3D helis it is a wonderful tool to check each cell during flight and not to overstress the batteries. An additional method of use is as controller for finding best maximum pitch for or cyclic deflections for the individual setup. For wing airplanes it is fine for finding the best propeller.

Just after the first avoided empty-battery-crash the price for Iisi is more than equalized.


IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie
IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie
IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie
IISI - Telemetrie IISI - Telemetrie


  • works with all radios
  • easy to use
  • practics typical display informations
  • precious acustical warning if the minimum capacity is reached (alternatively in % oder mAh)
  • recognization of particulary used batteries with manual input of rest capacity (you must know from flight before)
  • Update via USB and free software download
  • control and analysis via Iisi-Logfile-writer (.csv-format) f.e. in Microsoft Excel
  • complete hardware integration in "LogView" (www.logview.info)
  • large offer of sensors and expenders
  • up to four temperature values or 12 cell-voltages controllable
  • special adaptor for Tx antenna balls available
  • Manual: Cockpit/TXE: Download Lipo6-Module: Download
  • PC Sofware: Download


Ord.-no. 1750 Cockpit-Tx module
Ord.-no. 1751 TXE30-module (<30 amps)
Ord.-no. 1752 TXE50-module (<50 amps)
Ord.-no. 1753 TXE100-module (<100 amps)
Ord.-no. 1754 TXE150-module (<150 amps)
Ord.-no. 1755 TXE200-module (<200A)
Ord.-no. 1756 EXP-6-module (single cell voltage control for 6s, can be used as pair for 12s)
Ord.-no. 1757 EXP-T4-module (temperature control for four sensors - one sensor you can plug in direct in TXE)
Ord.-no. 1758 TS60 temperature sensor
Ord.-no. 1759 AVM Variometer/Altimeter module
Ord.-no. 1760 RPM module
Ord.-no. 1764 Y-cable for Exp modules
Ord.-no. 1765 antenna ball adaptor Futaba FX30/FX40/T12/T14
Ord.-no. 1767 Tx adapter for Futaba T8 and similar (5mm wire)
Ord.-no. 1769 headset adapter for 3.5 mm plug
Ord.-no. 1770 external Piezo buzzer extra loud
Ord.-no. 1771 Tx adaptor for JR transmitters (f.e. 9303)


Add: The current sensors are only measuring to the nominal limit, but can used with much higher peaks. Without damage.

Recommended for general use: Cockpit + TXE100